Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pine Nut Pralines

This month`s challenge is hosted by Nlo from NLO The key ingredients this month`s ar Pine Nuts...This is my entry for this month event....

400g chocolate
100g roasted Pine Nuts
50g chocolate
2 spoons nutella

1.Temper chocolate .Brush a thin layer of chocolate into your mold(s) using a pastry brush. Make sure you get an even coating on all sides of the mold and in all the nooks and crannies. Then, using a regular teaspoon, fill each cavity with chocolate. Don't worry about making a mess, just get the cavities filled as quickly as possible.
2.Tap the filled mold on the counter to settle the chocolate and release any air bubbles.Pour excess tempered chocolate back into the bowl of tempered chocolate. Then, once you've knocked all the air bubbles out, turn the chocolate-coated mold upside down to allow the chocolate to set without pooling in the bottom of the mold.

3.Melt chocolate in the double boiler, stir in 2 spoons off nutella,lightly roasted and chopped pine nuts.

4.When the chocolate in the mold has set, pipe the filling into the molds.Ladle tempered chocolate into the mold to cover the filling-forming the bottoms of the molded chocolates. Once the chocolate has begun to set, but before it is fully set, scrape the surface of the mold again to remove excess chocolate.

5.When the chocolate has fully set, place the mold in a refrigerator for 15 minutes, which causes the chocolate to contract and release from the mold.The final step is to remove the mold from the refrigerator, turn it upside down and tap it gently to release the finished chocolates from the mold